A Successful Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Never Stops

A Successful Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Never Stops

At the Lisbon Project, the health & well-being of our community is one of our priorities. This is why the Health and Well-Being program plays such a vital role. Workshops are a great way to focus the attention of our community members on topics that need awareness but are often disregarded on their day-to-day.

This last October, the Lisbon Project joined the worldwide efforts to bring Breast Cancer Awareness. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women worldwide. It is important not only to increase awareness, but also help raise funds for research, prevention, and treatment.

LP’s amazing volunteer and experienced clinical resident nurse, Carmel (from Ireland), prepared a workshop open to the beneficiaries, volunteers, and supporters.

Carmel provided vital information and practical advice for both men and women, as well as testimonies from breast cancer patients. Her aim for the workshop was to highlight the importance of breast health, to explain how self-check works and what to look out for. Through out the workshop, Carmel was very attentive to answer all the questions from the participants.

We asked Carmel her personal take on the workshop, and for her it was important to make everyone aware of this topic and more cautious about their health and the health of their loved ones. She was happy that the workshop was very interactive and that lots of questions were asked. For us, that sounds like a huge success!

After the workshop, everyone got together for a wonderful Arabian food, cooked by Imy.

Many thanks to Carmel for always being so available to make a difference in people’s lives!

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