A team that eats together stays together!

A team that eats together stays together!

When you work with your friends, and your friends are from places with really delicious food, there is only one thing you have to do: Take them to a restaurant and try it out, all together!

This is why our HR Manager, Farhad, took some of our team members for a Bangladeshi meal. Being from Bangladesh himself, Farhad introduced the Lisbon Project staff to some Bangladeshi dishes. The team got to try different curries, traditional potato mash, Momo and tomato mash. And while experiencing new and tasty food, the team had the opportunity to get to get to know each other outside of the office. 

The 12 volunteers that joined work in different departments of the Lisbon Project. Some are working in the health department, the education team, others in the fundraising department and co-communities team. But since everyone works towards the same goal, which is to achieve protection and integration of migrants and refugees, we must pull the same string. And this works best if we take the opportunity to build friendships across cultures and learn from one another. Because at the Lisbon Project, we embrace and celebrate diversity!

After the get-together, Farhad said that he believes “that team-building activities help to create a good working environment, which directly helps to achieving goals together”. Thank you Farhad, for making this possible and for working towards the team spirit which so clearly defines the identity of the Lisbon Project.

Be part of something bigger!

Every week the Lisbon Project mobilises a team of 100+ volunteers to pursue our mission! Our volunteers come from all over the world and they are the engine behind our programs, making everything we do possible. Roles and time commitments may vary according to the tasks and responsibilities at hand, but the value of your contribution will surely be appreciated!

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