Beneficiary Facilitator

Volunteer by being a friend! Beneficiary Facilitators are the bridge between our community members and the Lisbon Project. They are the main point of contact directing beneficiaries to services, performing follow-ups on their progress and supporting their integration journey.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Build a relationship of trust and accountability, where beneficiaries feel that their voices are being heard and their needs met as much as possible
  • Introducing yourself clearly to your beneficiary in a way that they become clear about your role in relationship to them
  • Check in regularly (at least once a fortnight) and maintaining your own records (live spreadsheet) so that you remain aware of current issues for your beneficiary
  • Use the beneficiary tracking system, Aidhound, to view the status of your beneficiaries’ requests (whether still pending, admitted to the requested service or concluded and with “outcome” recorded) and/or the Aidhound Entry Form to submit your beneficiaries’ request for services which they have not previously asked for
  • Establish contact with program coordinators to follow up your allocated beneficiaries’ requests and gather from the coordinators updates about timeframes and expectations which can be shared with your beneficiaries as an update
  • Encourage beneficiaries to take advantage of both Lisbon Project and external opportunities shared with them
  • Provide your allocated beneficiaries with emotional support through their potentially vulnerable and changing circumstances and reaching out for support from Beneficiary Coordination Manager/the wider facilitator team when needing additional information to meet your beneficiaries’ needs


  • Friendliness (you must be a people’s person!)
  • Cultural awareness and ability to interact with people from different cultures, genders, religions and backgrounds
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Respect of beneficiary confidentiality
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Fluency in English or Portuguese or both(fluency in another language is a bonus
  • Willingness to use your own phone and if possible, your own laptop too


  • Working in a team that aims to create impact
  • Work experience
  • Free tea and coffee (like all day long)!
  • Meeting people from all over the world and getting know their stories

Time Commitment: 3 hours (Flexible)

Volunteer reports to: Beneficiary Coordination Director

We can’t do it without you! Thank you for being a part of our team.