CV Xpress Lead

This stage of the Employment Program relies on employment-focused partnerships and job vacancies that the Lisbon Project team becomes aware of. As the Lisbon Project’s CV Xpress Lead you will be responsible for matching beneficiaries to CV Xpress Editors and supervising the entire process. Once the CVs have been completed and translated, you will also be responsible for uploading both versions into the Lisbon Project’s database and recording the outcomes related to the service.

Essential duties and responsabilities:

  • Recruit and train CV Xpress Editors when needed;
  • Match beneficiaries to CV Xpress Editors, always taking into consideration the beneficiaries’ and editors’ language skills as well as any cultural barriers;
  • Supervise the CV Xpress process, ensuring the CVs produced are up to our standards (Quality Control);
  • Filter through CVs and ensure that they are only sent if basic recruitment criteria are met;
  • Proofread CVs and give honest and constructive feedback to CV Xpress Editors;
  • Approve finalized CVs;
  • Keep in constant communication with the Employment Leads to ensure the CVs produced meet the partners’ requirements;
  • Collaborate with CV Editing Coordinator to filter out employment- candidates from the CV Editing Program waiting list and go through CV Xpress;
  • Upload all completed CVs and its translations to the Lisbon Project’s Database (Aidhound);
  • Upload and update the beneficiaries’ profile online with the information collected on the newly created CV.


  • Fluent in English. Other language skills are valued;
  • Strong leadership skills, capacity to build teams;
  • Detail-oriented and efficient;
  • Excellent at time management and ability to effectively organize and prioritize work demands;
  • Strong interpersonal communication including the ability to motivate others;
  • Effective in developing high-potential team members to achieve growth and maximum contribution;
  • Commitment to diversity, inclusion and the equal participation of team members;
  • Receptive and collaborative leadership approach that contributes to positive team environment, builds and maintains strong relationships with people from all backgrounds, genders, cultures and viewpoints;


  • Networking opportunities – getting connected to partner institutions, philanthropists and people of all backgrounds;
  • Contribution to social impact – self-fulfillment and personal growth in pursuing a valuable cause;
  • Knowledge growth – learning about immigration related processes, contexts and realities as well as other NGO related topics in Portugal;
  • Multi-tasking – having the flexibility to work with different departments and teams, growing in the knowledge and experience of each as well as developing diverse skills to meet the needs presented;
  • Free tea and coffee (like all day long)!
  • Working with a super A-level team 😉

Time Commitment: 6 hours per week

Volunteer Reports to: Job Matching Coordinator

We can’t do it without you! Thank you for being a part of our team.

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