Deconfinement Plan (COVID-19)

Deconfinement Plan (COVID-19)


  • The availability of masks and disinfectant gel on the market
  • Regular hygienisation of spaces
  • Reduced maximum capacity
  • Hygiene of the hands and breathing etiquette
  • Physical distancing (2m)
  • The mandatory use of masks in public transports, schools, markets and other closed crowded spaces.
  • Maximum capacity of 5 persons/100m² in closed facilities.
  • The decisions will be reassessed every 15 days

General rules (04/05):

  • Mandatory confinement for people that are sick or under surveillance
  • Civic duty of home retreat
  • Events or meetings with more than 10 people are forbidden
  • Funerals: with the presence of the family

General rules (03-30/05):

  • Religious ceremonies: community celebrations according to the rules defined between the DGS and religious entities.

Public transports (04/05):

  • Maximum capacity of ⅔
  • Cleaning and hygienisation
  • Mandatory use of masks

Work (04/05):

  • Professional practice continues from home, as long as the jobs allow it.

Work (01/06):

  • Partial work from home, with alternative timetables or mirrored teams.

Public services (04/05):

  • Decongested public assistance offices (finances, registering offices, etc.)
  • Attendance by appointment

Public services (01/06):

  • Citizen’s bureau

Shops and Restaurants (04/05):

  • Local shops: stores with open door to the street, up to 200m²
  • Book stores and car trade, regardless of the area.
  • Personal hygiene service establishments (hairdressers, barbers, manicure/pedicure and others), by appointment

Shops and Restaurants (18/05):

  • Stores with open door to the street, up to 400m²  or parts of stores up to 400m² (or bigger, by the authority’s decision)
  • Restaurants, Cafés, Pastry shops, on 50% capacity
  • Terraces

Shops and Restaurants (01/06):

  • Stores with open door to the street, bigger than 400m²
  • Stores inside shopping centers.

Schools and social facilities (18/05):

  • Local shops: stores with open door to the street, up to 200m²
  • Years 11 and 12, or Years 2 and 3 of other educational offers. (10h to 17h)
  • Social services in dealing with disability
  • Nurseries (with the option of family assistance)

Schools and social facilities (01/06):

  • Nurseries
  • Pre-schools
  • ATLs

Culture (04/05):

  • Libraries and archives

Culture (18/05):

  • Museums, monuments and palaces, art galleries, exhibition halls and others similar establishments.

Culture (01/06):

  • Cinemas, theatre halls, concert halls, auditoriums (with assigned places, reduced density and physical distancing)

Sports (04/05):

  • Practicing sports outside (without the use of bathhouses or pools)

Sports (30-31/5 – 04/05):

  • Football (Soccer) – Official competitions of the Ist League of Football and the Portugal Cup