Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

New reception facilities have been created and will operate during this emergency period for victims of domestic violence, with around 100 spaces.

Support services continue to function. You can always ask for help.

If you need help or are aware of any domestic violence situation:

– Call 800 202 148 (Information Service for Victims of Domestic Violence) or write to the SMS line: 3060. These are free contact lines, open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

– You can also send an email to:

To find out the contacts of the structures and support responses in your district, go to

The National Support Network for Victims of Domestic Violence (RNAVVD) continues to function during the period in which the state of emergency is in force (Decree no. 2-A / 2020, of 20 March). RNAVVD is composed of:

– 65 existing reception facilities to which are added 2 new responses created in this emergency period.

– 167 care facilities (including 6 Victim Care Offices in DIAP and 4 specialized facilities for LGBTI people, men, women with mental illness and women with disabilities).

– Transport service for victims of domestic violence, provided by the Portuguese Red Cross.

– Information Service for Victims of Domestic Violence, which was reinforced to guarantee permanent availability.

The structures of this network have adopted contingency plans, according to the DGS guidelines, as well as action plans with urgent measures such as:

– Creation or reinforcement of means of communication remote assistance such as video calling, SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp and email, thus streamlining and diversifying the ways for victims to ask for help and receive support.

– Guarantee of face-to-face service in urgent situations, through evaluation and with rotating teams to ensure availability.

– Reinforcement of telephone service.

– Monitoring situations more regularly.

– Designation of a team for emergency situations and requests.

– Close coordination with other services and municipalities to respond to urgent reception needs.

Partnerships are being established with several companies to guarantee access to essential goods and resources for the RNAVVD structures during this emergency period, namely with APED – Portuguese Association of Distribution Companies, SONAE, VODAFONE and SIEMENS.

The risk of domestic violence increases in the isolation context. Be alert.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, follow the advice to stay safe in the isolation context found at

If you are a family member, friend, neighbor or surrounding community, your help is essential:

– Disseminating this advice and the materials for the information and alert campaign #SecurityInIsolation – Signing up for the volunteer platform under CASES Covid-19 – Cooperative António Sérgio for the Social Economy, if you want to collaborate with these structures and support responses to victims of domestic violence.

– Being alert and appealing to the residents of your building to be aware of possible domestic violence cases. Try to post warning material that can be found at in a visible place in the building

Violence is a public crime. Reporting is a collective responsibility.

Call 800 202 148 or email