Employment Opportunities Lead

This role at the Employment Program relies on employment-focused partnerships and/or job vacancies that the Lisbon Project team has become aware of. As the Lisbon Project’s Employment Opportunities Lead, you will be responsible for all non-partnership job opportunities that have come to the Employment Program. The main goal is to support all necessary tasks to help deliver and manage successful job applications.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Main point of contact for all non-partnership job opportunities;
  • Keep an updated file on all available job opportunities;
  • Work closely with the designated representative from the recruitment company, while trying to understand and respond to their specific recruitment needs and deadlines;
  • Work together with CV Xpress Lead to identify and adapt the CVs received to our standards;
  • Source and find beneficiaries by using our database (Aidhound), our internal communications app (Slack), social media and using other means;
  • Match beneficiaries’ CV with available job opportunities and send them to the recruitment companies;
  • Initiate and maintain contact with qualified candidates for specific job openings throughout recruitment and hiring process;
  • Find job opportunities for beneficiaries that may or may not be in our list of available opportunities;
  • Collect feedback and understand the needs of our beneficiaries in order to suggest improvements;
  • Be flexible to perform any other HR tasks assigned by Employment Manager or Job Matching Coordinator.


  • Fluent in English. Other language skills are valued;
  • Strong leadership skills, capacity to build teams;
  • Detail-oriented and efficient;
  • Excellent at time management and ability to effectively organize and prioritize work demands;
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to record and organize all necessary documentation;
  • Strong interpersonal communication including the ability to motivate others;
  • Commitment to diversity, inclusion and the equal participation of team members;
  • Receptive and collaborative leadership approach that contributes to positive team environment, builds and maintains strong relationships with people from all backgrounds, genders, cultures and viewpoints.


  • Networking opportunities – getting connected to partner institutions, philanthropists and people of all backgrounds;
  • Contribution to social impact – self-fulfillment and personal growth in pursuing a valuable cause;
  • Knowledge growth – learning about immigration related processes, contexts and realities as well as other NGO related topics in Portugal;
  • Multi-tasking – having the flexibility to work with different departments and teams, growing in the knowledge and experience of each as well as developing diverse skills to meet the needs presented;
  • Free tea and coffee (like all day long)!
  • Working with a super A-level team 😉

Time Commitment: 6 hours per week

Volunteer Reports to: Job Matching Coordinator

We can’t do it without you! Thank you for being a part of our team.

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