Employment Skills Guide

Finding a job is key to establishing financial sustainability. We want to help migrants and refugees present their skills and experience clearly so that employers in Portugal will quickly see the value they add. The Employment Skills Development Program is aimed at empowering migrants and refugees with the skills necessary to find employment in Portugal. This program matches interested community members with suitable volunteers to provide individualized guidance in the process of searching for and retaining a job.

As a Skills Guide, you will be responsible for mentoring our community members by supporting them in developing skills that will enhance their ability to find a job. The skills development sessions are one-to-one meetings, where community members are supported and guided through the steps of seeking employment in Portugal. This includes writing a cover letter, generating an online profile, using job search websites, applying for a job in person, and improving interview skills among others.

As a Skills Guide, you will also have the opportunity to develop and enhance the program by helping to write guidance materials and collect relevant resources. In addition, this one-to-one guidance will be complemented by group workshops aimed at developing the various skills mentioned above. We encourage our Skills Guides to support the development and delivery of these workshops, where possible.

To be an excellent Skills Guide, you must have good mentoring skills, be organized, have a positive approach, be comfortable working one on one with different people, and have strong communication skills.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Use Skills Development lesson guide to support community members in face-to-face meetings in developing skills related to job applications, interview processes, email etiquette, follow-ups, etc…
  • Support the development and enhancement of existing lesson guides and the collation of a relevant resource library.
  • Monitor, support and motivate beneficiaries in their learning process.
  • Undertake some administrative tasks by tracking the guidance process.
  • Support the development and delivery of workshops with Skills Training beneficiaries and other Guides, where possible.
  • Participate in training and experience exchange sessions with other Skills Guides.


  • Fluent in English, other language skills are extremely valued. Sessions may be held in a third language that is common to both guide and beneficiary.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • General understanding of job-seeking and recruitment processes and skills.
  • Cultural awareness and ability to interact with people from different cultures, genders, and religious backgrounds.
  • Previous experience in supporting adults in skills acquisition is highly valued.
  • Good interpersonal communication including the ability to motivate others.
  • Ability to work effectively both independently and as part of a team with enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity.
  • Must be organized, dependable, communicative, friendly, and eager to help.
  • Willing to use your own laptop, if possible. 


  • Contribution to social impact –self-fulfillment and personal growth in pursuing a valuable cause.
  • Knowledge growth-learning about immigration-related processes, contexts, and realities as well as other NGO-related topics in Portugal
  • Multi-tasking / having the flexibility to work with different departments and teams, growing in the knowledge and experience of each, as well as developing diverse skills to meet the needs presented
  • Free tea and coffee (like all day long)!
  • Working with a super A-level team

Volunteer Reports to: Skills Development Coordinator

Time Commitment: 3 – 5 hours a week for a minimum of 6 months.

We can’t do it without you! Thank you for being a part of our team.