Enrolment for the academic year 2020/21 – Pre-school education and 1st year of basic education

Enrolment for the academic year 2020/21 – Pre-school education and 1st year of basic education

Parents and guardians are advised that the normal enrollment period for basic education, for the academic year 2020/21, runs from the 4th of May to the 30th of June 2020.

1. The registration request is preferably presented via internet, in the portal das matrículas: https://portaldasmatriculas.edu.gov.pt, using the authentication through the citizen card, digital key or acess credentials to the finance portal.

2. Enrollments received by 30th june 2020 are considered immediately. After this date for the purproses of ranking, later enrollments will be subject to ranking.

3. If it is not possible to comply with the above, the application for enrollment may be submitted in person, from 1st June at the administrative services of the education and teaching establishment in the student’s area of residence, regardless of the preferences expressed for attendance (art. 7 of normative order nº 6/2018).

4. The service for this effect will take place at school office, from 9:30h to 12:30h.

5. The enrollment of children that will be 3 years old by 15th September, or between this age  and the entry age for 1st cycle of basic education, is carried out in pre-school education.

6. Enrollment in the 1st year of schooling is mandatory for children who complete 6 years of age by September 15.

7. The children that complete 6 years old between  16th September and 31st December are allowed to apply for enrollment of the basic education, if this is requested by the parent. The admission depends on the existence of a vacancy.

8. It should be noted that this enrollment «becomes definitive when vacancy in the 1st cycle is made available at the education establishment intended for attendance by the parent, and not being possible its anullation after the candidate enters its compulsory education» ( art. 4 of normative order nº 6/2018).

9. According to the dispatch mentioned above, «the person in charge of education» is understood to have children who reside with you or entrusted to your care.

10. If the guardian is not a parent, it is necessary to prove that the student actually resides with the guardian, through the latest data on the composition of the household validated by the tax authority (art. 2 of normative order nº 6/2018).

11. In the act of enrollment, the person in charge of education indicates, in order of preference, five educational or teaching establishments whose choice of frequency is the one desired, however being conditioned to the existence of vacancies after the priorities are applied.

12. For the purposes of classifying students, the following documents must be attached:
a. Certification of family allowance level issued by social security, if it was applied for school social action (ASE)
b. Parent’s proof of residence (financial statement) if lives in the grouping’s area of influence of the school that is applying for.
c. Proof of employment issued by the employer, if the parent carries out his professional activity in the grouping’s area of influence.

13. The admission of children in preschool and students in the 1st year will be carried out in accordance with the priorities established in articles 10 and 11 of Normative Dispatch nº 6/2018, of 12 April, respectively.14. In order for the student to benefit from “economic aid”, he must complete the application form to the ASE and deliver the certificate of the family benefit echolon issued by Social Security.