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An Internship that Makes an Impact

Do you want to spend a few months getting coffee, making photo copies and scrolling through social media to pass the time? Don’t apply here then! At the Lisbon Project our interns have no time to spare! We love to welcome new and enthusiastic members to our team who are willing to learn on the job, lead activities, help coordinate projects and make a very real impact in the lives of our community. An internship at the Lisbon Project is an opportunity to develop your skills in an environment that encourages and challenges you to grow as a leader. We kindly invite you to read through the different vacancies available and apply for the position you think is most suitable to you. If you find no position suitable to you, then apply anyway and we may still find a place for you to come on board. We look forward to hearing from you! Please keep in mind that all our internships are unpaid positions at the moment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are happy to provide necessary supervision and documents for academic internships.

Interns are given more management and coordination responsibilities, require a bigger time commitment and are provided with closer supervision for learning purposes. Volunteers serve in more hands on practical and punctual activities. 

It depends on the internship position. But in many cases, you don’t have to speak Portuguese. Fluency in English is a compulsory and we love interns who speak Arabic, Kurdish and/or French! 

Unfortunately this is not possible. Most of our internships require a minimum of 3-6 months minimum.

We do not provide any of these. 

Most of our internships require a commitment of about 30 hours per week. 

Only partially. Due to COVID-19 our interns are currently asked to work partially at the Lisbon Project and partially from home. 

No, all of our internships are unpaid positions. In exceptional cases, we may support with transportation costs.