Become a Lisbon Project Champion

Are you an experienced professional that wants to champion our cause in a specific area of expertise? Please consider becoming an LP Champion! Our LP Champions are experts in a particular field and are available and willing to share their knowledge with us. Champions do not represent an organisation or firm, rather they work individually on a pro-bono basis. They support the Lisbon Project team through mentorship or management of a specific project using the tools and experience they have collected over the years. This is your chance to give back to the community in a way that only you can do. We invite you to embrace our mission as your own and lend us your talent!

Share Your Skills

Offer Pro-Bono Support to Lisbon Project

Frequently Asked Questions

Champions are contributing in the specific area of their professional expertise. Their commitment is often more flexible according to a project or mentorship agreement, and they do not undergo the normal volunteer recruitment process.
LP Champions are invited to give freely of their expertise on a pro-bono agreement.

It depends on the the project you are working on, but in many cases, you do not have to speak Portuguese.