Be a Part of Something Bigger

Every week the Lisbon Project mobilises a team of 100+ volunteers to pursue our mission! Our volunteers come from all over the world and they are the engine behind our programs, making everything we do possible. Roles and time commitments may vary according to the tasks and responsibilities at hand, but the value of your contribution will surely be appreciated! We kindly invite you to read through the different vacancies available and apply for the position you think is most suitable to you. Our volunteer job descriptions are meant to give you a good understanding about the skills and time required for each position. Once you have
applied, our HR department will connect you with the appropriate supervisor and we will do our best to get you to work as soon as possible!

Volunteer Vacancies

Legal Aid Program

Benevolence Program

Community Life Department

Education Program

Employment Program

Human Resources Department

Communications Department

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Lisbon Project’s HR Policy does not allow us to get involved in our volunteers’ legal immigration process.

No, unfortunately this is the minimum requirement for volunteering at the Lisbon Project. 

It depends on the volunteering position! Some positions require a minimum while others are open to your availability.

It depends on the volunteering position! But in many cases you do not have to speak Portuguese.

It depends on the volunteering position. But in all positions we ask volunteers to come to the Lisbon Project at least once a week. 

Yes, all of our volunteers are given a certificate once they complete their time at the Lisbon Project. If elected, we also provide a special “volunteer of the month” certificate as a special thank you for your extraordinary addition to the team!