Human Resources Assistant

The Lisbon Project is a non-profit organization that exists to protect and integrate the lives of migrants and refugees in the city of Lisbon. As the HR Manager’s Assistant, you will be responsible for assisting in managing all elements of volunteering and internships within the organisation. The role involves assessing and meeting the Lisbon Project’s needs through the recruitment, placement and retention of volunteers/interns. Volunteers and interns are essential to the Lisbon Project. It is your job to welcome them, appropriately place them and provide continuous support. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Help oversee all programming related to volunteers
  • Help develop, coordinate, manage, implement and evaluate activities to maximize participation, outcomes and volunteer satisfaction
  • Maintain and update volunteer training tools such as handbooks, power point presentations, notebooks, etc… 
  • Develop/write job descriptions and reports based on manager’s needs
  • Translate job descriptions from English to Portuguese and vice versa 
  • Notify program and department leads of the role and the function of volunteers 
  • Work with HR Manager to ensure there is appropriate support and training for volunteers/interns 
  • Send mid-way Volunteer feedback email and exit email 
  • Update volunteer applications 


  • Excellent verbal and written communicationskills, as well as ability to exercise good judgement.
  • Strong organisational skills and ability to set own goals and deadlines.
  • Friendliness and ability to capture information from verbal interviews.
  • Basic skills with document writing and development of powerpoint typepresentations.
  • Cultural awareness and ability to interact with people from different cultures, genders.
  • Respect of beneficiary and volunteer confidentiality,
  • Linguistic skills are desirable, Fluency in English and Portuguese (fluency in another language is a bonus) 
  • Willingness to use your own phone and if possible, your own laptop too 


  • Working in a team that aims to create impact
  • Work experience
  • Experience Certificate 
  • Develop leadership skills in a dynamic and fun setting
  • Free tea and coffee (like all day long)!
  • Meeting people from all over the world and getting to know their stories

Time Commitment: 20-25 hours a week for 6 months period.

Intern reports to: Human Resources Manager

We can’t do it without you! Thank you for being a part of our team.