“I Love The Whole City!” Meet Afroza.

“I Love The Whole City!” Meet Afroza.

Today we would like you to meet our good friend, Afroza. Born and raised in Bangladesh, Afroza finished her master’s degree in Accounting back in her home country. She grew up as the youngest of four sisters, surrounded by the love and care of her family.

Afroza is living in Lisbon with her children. When we asked her favourite place in Lisbon, her reply said it all: “I love the whole city!” She finds Portugal to be such a lovely country with great weather. But she has been struggling with things like finding a job, and the cost of living being higher than she expected. In her struggles, Afroza told us how the Lisbon Project is like a family for her family, where they can all share their joys and sorrows as migrants in a foreign country. With our help, Afroza is dreaming of being a more independent woman to be able to give her children a happy and better life.

Afroza has been involved with the Lisbon Project for nearly 3 years now. Ever since she found us through social media, she has been part of language courses and several workshops, like “Children’s Nutrition”, which she found to be very helpful to her. She also really enjoys the PEAK Training sessions with the Lisbon Project community, as in her own words, “Makes me feel fresh and relaxed.”

As we continued to talk about her life in Portugal, we learned that she likes the Portuguese people because of their friendly character. When we asked her about something that surprised her in Portugal, she said: “Sidewalks! I really like their beautiful traditional patterns.” Food-wise, her favorite Portuguese dish so far is “Bacalhau à Brás”. In her free time, Afroza enjoys watching movies, spending time with her family and friends, and travelling.

If you happen to be struggling in adapting to life in Portugal, Afroza has a short but truthful advice for you: “Be patient!” And while you wait, join the Lisbon Project community, a safe space where you can also belong to.

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