In Every Smile, An Exciting Future! – Kids’ Christmas

In Every Smile, An Exciting Future! – Kids’ Christmas

The Lisbon Project organised a Christmas afternoon for the kids of the community, and 50 showed up! They got to experience the European way of celebrating Christmas, which was a first for some of them. With lots of games, fun and a gift for everyone, the afternoon was memorable for all involved: the kids, the volunteers, and the parents!

Lots of Christmas cookies and a real Santa!

Since there is no Christmas without lots of Christmas cookies, the Lisbon Project volunteers knew what they had to do for a perfect celebration: Bake lots of colourful cookies, while listening to Christmas hits all-along! The kids got to cut out cookies in shapes of hearts, stars, and Christmas trees. And of course, there were lots of sprinkles and Chocolate to decorate them. Just have a look at the pictures, and you’ll immediately see the spark of happiness in the eyes of the kids!

To give the migrant and refugee kids the full Christmas experience, a Santa could not be missing! So, at the end of the afternoon, the kids gathered around a Christmas tree next to a volunteer dressed as Santa. He called out each child, and they received presents like Lego sets, card games, Play-Doh and bracelet-DIY-kits. Their happy faces say it all!

But this wouldn’t have been possible without Hungry4Change!

The LP kids’ Christmas afternoon – from beginning to end – would have not been possible without our partner Hungry4Change. Thanks to this student initiative, we were was able to finance all the presents, the food and the baking on the Christmas afternoon. Silas and Brock (on the pictures below), the founders of Hungry4Change, organised a fundraising dinner prior to Saturday, of which all profits went to the Lisbon Project’s kids department. And next to the funding, Hungry4Change brought along volunteers to help entertain the kids, cook, clean up and play Santa! This created a wonderful connection between the international student community in Lisbon and the Lisbon Project! Thank you, Hungry4Change, you made this year’s Christmas a very special one for the Lisbon Project!

A lot more is coming in 2022!

We have many activities planned for LP Kids this year: from school tutoring, to recreational arts, to field trips and holiday camps… and so much more! Just like Hungry4Change, we count on partners like YOU to accompany, inspire and integrate the children of migrants and refugees. Check out our volunteer page for different opportunities to get involved, and if you would consider making a donation towards this work today!

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