Information regarding the Tax Office during Covid-19

Information regarding the Tax Office during Covid-19

How can I submit documents related to services not available on the Finance Portal?

Any documents or required information can be submitted electronically through the online information desk on the Finance Portal (available at  The online information desk is a way to digitally interact with all of the services available through the Tax and Customs Authorities (the AT). It is where you can report any issues and submit applications. Once you contact us via the online information desk, your queries will be sent to our staff, who will respond as soon as possible in just the same way as they would in person.

What should I do if I lose my access password for the Finance Portal?

First, you can try to recover your password on the Finance Portal website. If the Tax Office has the correct mobile number for you, and if you can remember the answer to your security question, you can quickly receive a new password via text.

Otherwise, the AT, in conjunction with the Administrative Modernisation Agency, has other ways in which you can verify your identity on the Finance Portal. If you have lost your password, you can identify yourself using your citizenship card or your Digital Mobile Key. Following this, you will then be able to change your access password. Find out how to get your Digital Mobile Key at

How can I pay my taxes?

There are around 15 thousand locations spread around the country where you can pay your taxes. These include ATMs and at your bank’s local branch. However, where possible, it is preferred if you pay electronically, either via online banking or via MBWay (available on the Finance Portal and on our mobile app under “Tax Status – Payments”. We ask that taxpayers do not make payments in cash or by cheque at our desks if there is an alternative electronic means of payment available.

And if it is still necessary to go to an AT service?

If it is not possible to resolve issues via the electronic methods mentioned above, those who find themselves in urgent and unavoidable situations can still access our services in person by making an appointment in advance. Appointments can be made by contacting the AT Call Centre on 217 206 707. Please only come to our office at the scheduled time and date of your appointment. Do not come if you have not made an appointment.

Are the AT services closed?

Due to the ongoing response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Tax and Custom Authorities’ services are available remotely at the click of a button on the Finance Portal (, or, if you have difficulty using these electronic services, you can contact the AT Call Centre on 217 206 707.

Will I still receive my IVA or IRS repayments?

AT staff are continuing to work hard to serve the community, whether in the customs clearance of imported goods (including goods we consume daily and medicine), or returning earnings to families and ensuring that money is flowing through the economy via the processing of repayments owed.