More than 10 million civilians have fled Ukraine because of the Russian invasion, according to the United Nations (UN).


The Lisbon Project stands with the many who are fleeing in the search of safety and peace. Our hearts break for the pain being inflicted on millions of Ukrainian men, women and children.

We are paying close attention to all the developments regarding the Portuguese Government’s policies to embrace Ukrainian refugees, as well as the response from several NGO’s to this humanitarian crisis.


As an organization, the Lisbon Project’s focus is on building community and creating opportunities for people to connect as they gain knowledge about life in Portugal, participate in our various activities and seek access to services. If you are interested in our support, you can request to register with us by completing the form on this page of our website.

Once registered, you will be connected to our communication platforms and able to sign up for activities such as:

  • Pop up store – monthly event where you can collect clothes, household items and baby items (nappies, wipes, etc)
  • CV Clinics – weekly activity where you have support of volunteers to create/translate your CV
  • Skills training – employment workshops and different skills training courses
  • Legal Clinics – weekly session with a lawyer where you can seek advice
  • Language classes – Portuguese and English classes for adults and children
  • Youth & Kids Explore – various activities for children and teenagers in order to connect with other children in a fun environment
  • Health Clinics – various weekly sessions with health professionals in different areas (Psychology, Gynecology, Chiropractic, Art Therapy, etc)
  • And many others!

Important Note: Most of our services are volunteer led so it is important to note that there may be some delay in accessing them due to the high demand. We promise to work as fast as possible to support you. Thank you for understanding!

For now, even before you’re registered, we would love to welcome you to our regular community event Family Fridays (weekly 4 – 7pm), which is an opportunity to meet other people in Lisbon, connect, have a coffee and tea and relax in the company of good friends 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions:

First thing you must do is register on the SEF website, where you’ll request a temporary protection status and will able be later receive all necessary registrations in public institutions to be able to use various Portuguese services as temporary residents:
If you have questions filling in the form, have a look at this article:
Important notes when filling the Online Platform for requests about temporary protection of Ukrainian citizens:

The Portuguese High Commission for Migration (ACM) will inform Ukrainian citizens who want to come to Portugal, and Ukrainian citizens living in Portugal who want to know how to bring their family to the country: or their Support Phone Line (in Ukrainian): +351218106191

Portugal for Ukraine is an initiative by the Portuguese Government to combine in one place all the actions underway regarding the conflict in Ukraine, in terms of international action, sending humanitarian aid and the integration and hosting of displaced persons in Portugal:

Accommodation for refugees is being provided by 3 different institutions, all volunteer run:

  1. Go to the web-site and fill the form. The volunteers from UAPT organization will help you to find temporary accomodation. It will be up to your host to provide you with food as well. There is also no fixed period of time you can stay with someone.
  2. Call Camara Municipal de Lisboa: +351 800 910 111 (English/Portuguese) and explain your situation. The operator will send you the address of the place where they host newcomers and later, they will connect you with volunteers as well. You can also write an e-mail here:
  3. You can also request your need for accommodation via this platform: Real Estate Consultants for Ukraine in Portugal

Other Emergency housing platforms:, and

If you are looking on your own for rooms and flats to rent then try using these platforms

If you cannot afford food, the main institution to contact is ”Banco Alimentar Contra a Fome”. Emergency Food Bank address in Lisbon: Avenida de Ceuta, Estação de Alcântara-Terra, Armazém 1 | 1300-254 LISBOA (9:00 – 13:00 | 14:30 – 18:00 )
Contact Number: 213 649 655 / 919 000 406 Email:
Otherwise, you can contact UAPT to request support with these essential needs in this address: Their opening times are: 10:00-18:00
You can also call them beforehand, if you have a very specific need on their hotline (Ukrainian): +351 301 207 011


To access the healthcare system, you need to wait to receive your SNS number (numero utente) after which you can ask for an appointment in your local Centro de Saude. If you have requested temporary protection status, it shouldn’t take long for you to receive this number.

When registered in Lisbon Project, every beneficiary has access to various health specialists we are collaborating with: Speech and Language Therapist, General Doctor, Psychotherapist, Nutritionist, Gynaecologist/Obsetrician and more.

You can try to find a Russian speaking specialist privately in this group, as well as learn more about medical system in Portugal:

If you have a child, you might find info here useful:

The Employment and Professional Training Institute (IEFP, I.P), has an area dedicated to citizens of Ukraine who are looking for a job in Portugal. To apply for a job opportunity, send an e-mail, with reference to three areas or professions in which you would like to work in, together with a CV or profile description, to . More information at

EmployUkraine matches talented Ukrainian refugees with jobs globally:

To find vacancies more directly, check the telegram chat from UAPT:

Galp Integration Program aims to help people coming from Ukraine to get settled in Portugal, allowing them to find a new career opportunity in their field of expertise and to continue pursuing their professional path, despite the war.

Lisbon is a very international city, though if you want to integrate smoothly, it is better to start learning the local language as soon as you make the decision to stay here. The Lisbon Project suggests various types of Portuguese courses via our education program. We also aim to support our LP kids in excelling in their academic journeys by assisting in school registration, tutoring and providing engaging extra-curricular activities. To take part, as soon as you register with us, your CarePod volunteers will connect you with the person responsible and help to apply and get a spot in the nearest course!

ISCSP of the Universidade de Lisboa will be organising a free of charge Portuguese language course (beginner’s level A1) for Ukrainian refugees:

You can also learn Portuguese in your own tempo, using materials from the telegram chat:

Health and wellbeing department of Lisbon project has counselling and art-therapy sessions available for all our beneficiaries. Contact your pod leader to connect you with the specialist needed.

United in Crisis Initiative suggests free support group sessions weekly, find more information here:

Lisbon Project is here for you!
We love community and connecting people through meaningful relationships. We organize all kinds of lunches, cultural events, workshops, field trips to fun places and any activity that will create opportunities for you to have a good time while meeting and making new friends. Register to get news about all these opportunities!
In the meantime, come join our Family Fridays (every Friday 4-7pm) where we meet up to chat, play, get to know each other and have fun together!

Lisbon Project has a Legal Aid Program, which consists of live sessions with lawyers, that happen weekly. If you have any issue you need to consult, as soon as you register we will connect you with a lawyer available.
Portuguese Notaries have mobilized free services for Ukrainian citizens that need to legally travel with minors:
Free law support from Lisbon’s Lawyers Association:

The Portuguese Government provides a number of services to ease the legal and administrative procedures of Ukrainian citizens or enterprises. More information at

UA.Support project connects lawyers offering pro bono legal help with refugees from Ukraine seeking legal advice:

Portugal for Ukraine is an initiative by the Portuguese Government to combine in one place all the actions underway regarding the conflict in Ukraine, in terms of international action, sending humanitarian aid and the integration and hosting of displaced persons in Portugal: 

Ukrainian version of FAQ on specific topics:  

Ukrainians in Portugal: 

The Facebook group of Ukrainians in Portugal:  

A non-profit organization based in Portugal that provides support to people seeking refuge from the Russian war against Ukraine: 

You can request help in a Portuguese initiative to help Ukrainians: the platform was designed to be a meeting point that establishes the connection between those who need help and those who want to provide accommodation, medicines, legal support and job offers.

Check our volunteer and job opportunities pages, as we strengthen our teams to respond better, quicker and more efficiently. 

Consider donating to the Lisbon Project and support our integration services: Donate 

Other ways to help: Informal Facebook Group of people located in Portugal who want to help: