Lisbon Project Kick-Starts “Arroios É De Todos” Project, funded by “Bairros Saudáveis” Program

Lisbon Project Kick-Starts “Arroios É De Todos” Project, funded by “Bairros Saudáveis” Program

It is with great enthusiasm that the Lisbon Project (LP) announces the kick-start of Project No. 565 “Arroios é de Todos” under the “Bairros Saudáveis” program, a public program of a participatory nature to improve health conditions, well-being and quality of life in vulnerable territories.

The decision to apply for this program came naturally, as our mission as an association is to promote the health and well-being of migrants and refugees in the city of Lisbon. Since this community is invariably unprotected, we felt we were 100% aligned with the program’s goals.

The start of the project is now possible thanks to the first instalment of €20,910.00 (50% of the total project value). The funds came from the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP). This is a plan of national implementation framed in the Recovery and Resilience Facility created by the European Union in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, which will allow Portugal to resume sustained economic growth, reinforcing the goal of convergence with Europe in the next decade.

“Arroios É De Todos” project has three lines of intervention: Health, Social and Economic. It aims to support the community of migrants and refugees in the parish of Arroios while promoting the involvement of the local community for greater sociocultural cohesion. Most of the activities to be carried out within the scope of this project will take place at the LP’s facilities. These activities include: legal support, training for professional insertion, language courses, health promotion initiatives, monitoring of children and young people and cultural activities.
In this regard, it is with great satisfaction that we share that several of the planned activities are already underway and that many others will begin shortly:

  • We have recruited an experienced lawyer to lead activity 1 – “Legal Support”;
  • On November 12th, we held a Workshop on the Prevention of Breast Cancer, which is part of activity 2 – “Reducing Health Disparities”;
  • Our “Homework Club“, which is part of activity 9 – “Kids Club”, aims to accompany the LP’s beneficiary children in carrying out their homework and learning the Portuguese language, has already started;
  • We are in touch with local institutions for several potential partnerships to put into practice activity 3 – “Local Involvement”, to involve the population of Arroios in the project, namely, through volunteering at the LP.
Lenita Bandeira, our lawyer
Breast Cancer Awareness workshop
Homework Club

Stay tuned for our news, and do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our work and, who knows, join our community of volunteers!