There is always a lot going on at the Lisbon Project and if you come by, you will be able to witness it firsthand! We love a full house! We believe that if the migrant is empowered, the local community is also empowered. It is up to us to make room for the benefits of immigration.

Together we build this city, together we build our lives!

Once gaining employment in Portugal, compliance with the requirements of the taxation system become essential – both to the legalization of your status and beyond. In our Financial Systems assistance program, we aim to support you navigating through the IRS (taxation) system and we can also advise about the processes of applying for welfare benefits (Seguranca Social) which might be required before it has been possible to secure full-time employment.
Learning the language is one of the most important steps to integrating successfully into your Portuguese life. In our Education program, we aim to provide you with multiple opportunities for learning Portuguese and/or English through group and one to one lessons. We also aim to support children in the Lisbon Project Community getting the most they can from mainstream schooling. There are also various workshops available to learn new skills like cooking, sewing or technology!
Finding a job is essential to establishing financial security and integrating into the local community. We want you to present your skills and experience clearly so that employers in Portugal will quickly see the value you add. We are here to enhance your chances of being hired by sharing opportunities we become aware of and offering services of CV editing and the Level Up program of workshops learning about how to approach employers.
Upon entering a new country, legal status is at the top of the priority list. Our goal is to help you better understand the legalization process in Portugal through workshops and, if needed for more complex situations, one-to-one consultations with our partner lawyers.
When there are so many different things happening, it can be difficult to find time to step back and reflect on what you want from your life in Portugal. We think that this reflection is extremely important so we have developed a programme of reflective activities which your facilitator is ready to work through with you if you would like some company as you ‘Explore.’
We aim to help you understand and navigate the public health system. Namely, by helping you to register at a health center. If you are unable to access the care you need through the public health system then we will do our best to meet your needs through the healthcare professionals and clinics in the Lisbon Project Health Network. We also aim to support your and your family’s overall well-being with health and fitness workshops and activities that are relevant for you.
At the Lisbon Project we love to celebrate cultures, share food, go on outings and have fun together! Our co-communities program is filled with exciting opportunities to build friendships and learn from one another!
At time’s you may need help with accessing affordable or free items such as furniture, appliances, toys, clothes or other materials. In our benevolence program, we try to search for quality donations to meet the material needs of our community.
(Note: eligibility rules may apply).