There is always a lot going on at the Lisbon Project and if you come by, you will be able to witness it firsthand! We love a full house! We believe that if the migrant is empowered, the local community is also empowered. It is up to us to make room for the benefits of immigration.

Together we build this city, together we build our lives!

Every migrant and refugee needs support from a local. Whether it is for simple grocery shopping, filling out an application form, or translating a document, our volunteers will be there to assist.

Speaking Portuguese is vital in order to build a life in Lisbon. With that in mind, we want to facilitate this learning process so that migrants can integrate into the local community faster and better.

Finding a job is key to establishing financial sustainability. We want to help migrants present their skills and experience clearly so that employers in Portugal will quickly see the value they add! Our services in this department hence includes not only improving and translating CVs but also searching and applying for jobs that will fit the migrant’s profile.

Upon entering a new country, legal status is at the top of the priority list. We want to help speed the legal process and prevent migrants from falling prey to fraud.

Migrant children often have the hardest time adapting. We offer tutoring so that they may grasp the education system as fast as possible and are able to make the most of their school years in Portugal!

We want to make sure everyone gets proper care by facilitating correct information and providing access to a number of health services that may not always be available in the public system.

Housing is one of the most fundamental human needs. Our aim is to counterbalance the disadvantaged position of migrants on the private housing market by helping them individually in their search, while alleviating the fears of potential landlords.

Any reason is a good reason to get together! We prioritize relationships and in efforts to strengthen a sense of community and family, every month we hold a wide variety of events. These include: International Dinners, Concerts, Cooking Workshops, cultural outings, Sports activities,… All are welcome to to sign up

We all know how hard life can get. We want to show love to our migrant neighbours by providing food hampers, clothes and toiletries to families in need. We are making the difference! 

We actively encourage people to embrace healthy lifestyles that will be beneficial for their fitness and health condition. Through out the year we organise many events, such as sports competitions, Pilates classes or fun days at the beach!