Campaigns are at the core of what we do here, at the Lisbon Project. Through them, we communicate our needs to the world in clear and practical ways. And at the same time, our campaigns inspire people to respond with tangible actions and help. They send a loud message that you can make a difference! That you can be a part of the change! These are some of our previous and current campaigns that enable us to support migrants and refugees all over the city.

ONE Minute Campaign

At the Lisbon Project, we are working around the clock to break down barriers and build up those in need through our programmes. In just ONE minute, you can make the difference. Act now!

Help Create Change

At the Lisbon Project we believe in the change every individual can create. This campaign is invitation to partner with us through your commitment and generosity!

Taste of Hope

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced Portugal into a national lockdown, we responded by mobilizing resources to provide food for low-income migrants and refugees.

Back to School

Our annual Back-to-School campaign ensures underprivileged students have all they need to succeed in a new academic year!