Finding a job is essential to establishing financial security and integrating into the local community.

We want you to present your skills and experience clearly so that employers in Portugal will quickly see the value you add. We are here to enhance your chances of being hired by sharing opportunities we become aware of and offering services of CV editing and employment courses.


CV Clinics

Meet with a CV Editor volunteer for 1-2 hours to get assistance on creating or editing your Curriculum Vitae.

Job Matching Service

Get support on finding available job opportunities that can potentially match your profile.

Skills Development Clinics

Meet with a volunteer to train skills that could improve your search for a job (i.e. how to write a cover letter, prepare for job interviews)

Employment Workshops

Monthly workshops on employment topics such as: How to build your business in Portugal, Becoming Self-employed, etc.

Employment Courses

Medium or long-term courses focused on two employment areas: digital competences and hospitality/tourism.
There's only one way make the difference. Together.

There's only one way make the difference. Together.

Join us as we build a community that integrates and empowers migrants and refugee.