Health is the underlying foundation of all else one may choose to do in life. The Health & Wellbeing Program exists to help migrants and refugees understand and navigate the public health system in Portugal. When community members are unable to access the care they need through the public health system, we do our best to meet their needs through the healthcare professionals and clinics in the Lisbon Project Health Network. We also work to support overall wellbeing with health and fitness workshops and activities that are relevant to our community. 

How can you help?

  1. Apply to be a volunteer in the Health & Wellbeing Program
  2. Pursue a partnership between the LP and your clinic
  3. Offer to lead a health-related workshop
  4. Donate – your donation will help us provide much needed medication to families who cannot afford it, transportation for various health related appointments/activities, supplies to implement workshops and activities that promote physical and mental wellness