The Lisbon Project achieves its mission of protecting and integrating migrants and refugees through 6 main programs. Led by our team of staff, interns and volunteers, our services extend to over 500+ registered active beneficiaries.


Learning the language is one of the most important steps to integrating successfully into Portuguese life. In our Education programme, we aim to provide migrants and refugees with multiple opportunities to learn Portuguese and/or English through group and private lessons. We also aim to support our LP kids in excelling in their academic journeys by assisting in school registration, tutoring and providing engaging extra-curricular activities.

How can you help?

  1. Apply to be a volunteer in the Education Program
  2. Contribute with a well-functioning laptop
  3. Donate – your donation will help cover necessary teaching supplies and student accreditation (essential to immigration process)


Finding a job is essential to establishing financial security and integrating into the local community. The Employment Program aims to empower migrants and refugees with skills development opportunities as well as establishing partnerships that offer internships and jobs to our community members

How can you help?

  1. Apply to be a volunteer in the Employment Program
  2. Share job opportunities with us
  3. Pursue a partnership between the LP and your company
  4. Donate – your donation will help us implement key workshops and training courses to further equip migrant and refugee women

Legal Aid

Upon entering a new country, legal status is at the top of the priority list. The Legal Aid Program aims to help migrants and refugees better understand the legalization process in Portugal through workshops and, if needed, one-to-one consultations with our partner lawyers. Additionally, this program is essential to protecting and educating members of our community by clarifying their rights and responsibilities as residents of Portugal.

How can you help?

  1. Apply to be a volunteer in the Legal Aid Program (experience is required)
  2. Pursue a partnership between the LP and your law firm
  3. Donate – your donation will help us hire a full-time lawyer to better respond to our increasing requests for legal help (especially in this pandemic context)


Health is the underlying foundation of all else one may choose to do in life. The Health & Wellbeing Program exists to help migrants and refugees understand and navigate the public health system in Portugal. When community members are unable to access the care they need through the public health system, we do our best to meet their needs through the healthcare professionals and clinics in the Lisbon Project Health Network. We also work to support overall wellbeing with health and fitness workshops and activities that are relevant to our community. 

How can you help?

  1. Apply to be a volunteer in the Health & Wellbeing Program
  2. Pursue a partnership between the LP and your clinic
  3. Offer to lead a health-related workshop
  4. Donate – your donation will help us provide much needed medication to families who cannot afford it, transportation for various health related appointments/activities, supplies to implement workshops and activities that promote physical and mental wellness


Building a new life in a different country is not easy. At time’s one may need help with accessing affordable or free essential items. The Benevolence Program aims at providing families in need with donated goods. These goods may range from items such as food, toiletries and clothes to toys, furniture and household appliances.

How can you help?
  1. Apply to be a volunteer in the Benevolence Program
  2. Organise a drive for a specific item needed in the community (ex: coats, baby items or fans)
  3. Donate – your donation will help us cover costs of transportation to pick up and deliver goods, as well as purchase necessary items according to the changing needs of our community.


At the Lisbon Project we love to celebrate cultures, share food, go on outings and have fun together. Our Co-communities Program is filled with exciting opportunities to build friendships and learn from one another! Though relationship building activities we offer members of our community chances to explore the city and the world together! Unfortunately, this program has been highly restricted due to COVID-19, however through adaptation and creativity we continue to pursue ways of battling isolation and building a diverse and unique community!