School Enrolments and Enrolment Renewals

School Enrolments and Enrolment Renewals

Academic year 2020-2021

According to legislation n˚6/2018 and 5/2020

Enrolment Period

Pre-school education

4th May to 30th June

registration of first enrolment, enrolment renewals and school transfer requests;

First year of the first cycle of basic education

4th May to 30th June

enrolment registration.

First, second and third cycles of basic education

From 26th June

registration of enrolment renewals and school transfer requests for students from the remaining years of education.

Enrolments received before 30th June 2020 will be immediately considered. After this date for registration, and all other enrolments will be subject to consideration at a later date.

Place of enrolment

It is preferable that enrolment requests are submitted via the internet on the electronic application available on the Enrolments Portal ( Your citizen’s card, Digital Mobile Key or access details for the Finances Portal can all be used as a means of validating your identity.

To use the Enrolments Portal, the child’s guardian can use one of the following forms of authentication:

  1. Access details for the Finances Portal.
  1. Citizen’s card – To use your citizen’s card as a means of authentication, you will need the citizen’s card together with the respective authentication PIN, a card reader connected to a computer with internet access, and to have the Autenticação.Gov plugin installed on the computer from the following link:

  1. Digital Mobile Key – To use your Digital Mobile Key as a means of authentication, you will need to have previously made a request for the Key. More information regarding making a request for the Digital Mobile Key and the authentication process can be found at:

If it is not possible to comply with the requirements previously mentioned, an enrolment request can be submitted in person by appointment at the Administration Services for Schools Grouping. Appointments should be made in advance via email at or by telephone 214788440.

Pre-school education

The enrolment of children in pre-school education should be completed for those aged 3 years before 15th September, or those between this age and that of the age of entering the first cycle of basic education.

Enrolment in pre-school education of children who turn 3 years old between 16th September and 31st December is accepted conditionally; official acceptance is dependent on whether there are places available in groups that have already been filled by applications which take priority as defined by the law in force. This allows children to attend education and recreation activities and to receive familiar support from the start date.

Enrolment in pre-school education of children who turn 3 years old between 1st January and the end of the academic year can be completed at any point throughout the academic year. Providing that there is space available, a child is officially allowed to attend pre-school from the date on which he or she turns 3 years old.

First year of school

Enrolment in the first year of the first cycle of basic education is obligatory for children who turn 6 years old before 15th September.

Children who turn 6 years old between 16th September and 31st December can enter the first cycle of basic education if it is required by their guardian, with their official acceptance depending on the availability of space in classes which have already been filled by those who take priority according to the law in force.

At the point of enrolment, the guardian chooses five schools which they would like their child to attend in order of preference. Acceptance of the child is subject to the availability of space behind those given priority.

In exceptional circumstances as highlighted by law, the member of Government responsible for education can authorise early or delayed enrolment in the first year of the first cycle of basic education at the request of the child’s guardian.

This request is to be submitted by 15th May of the previous school year to the school attended by the child, or, if this is not the case, the school that the child would like to attend, accompanied by a full technical report which must include a psychological assessment of the child.

To enrol foreign pupils, once an enrolment has been submitted on the Enrolments Portal, the preferred school should be contacted so that a process of recognising existing qualifications can begin.

Required documents at the point of enrolment.

When carrying out enrolment in person, the School Administration Services will need:

  • The fiscal identification number (NIF) of the child and pupil, should they have one;
  • A certified record of the pupil’s vaccinations;
  • Details related to the make up of the household validated by the tax authorities;
  • Details referring to the identity of the guardian, namely the type and number of their identification document, their fiscal identification number (NIF) should they have one, contact details, home address, date of birth and qualifications.
  • The National Health Service (NSNS) user number;
  • The number of the health and benefits card, an identification of the organisation and the number relating to the health subsystem, if applicable;
  • The Social Security (NISS) number of the child receiving social benefits in the form of family allowance paid by social security;
  • Proof of address;
  • Proof of occupation (should it apply).

Note: Enrolments are only processed when all documents are submitted.


The list of children and pupils who request enrolment in pre-school and in basic education will be published in every school and institution until 15th July 2020.