Tareq Belongs Here!

Tareq Belongs Here!

Born and raised in Bangladesh, Tareq moved abroad to study Business Law in the UK. After graduating, Tareq then moved to Portugal with his wife in 2018, and since then they have had two children. He is currently working as a Process Associate for an international company in Lisbon.

As Tareq can testify, living in Portugal isn’t always easy. He came to know about the Lisbon Project from one of his friends, who was already part of the community. When he finally visited us about a year ago, he loved the welcoming environment and everything the Lisbon Project represents. We were able to give assistance to Tareq and his family in many of the challenges they were facing at the time, namely through our Health and Wellbeing Program and Bridge Team. You can learn more about these services here.

Currently, Tareq is one of the 6 beneficiaries participating in our 5-months coding course, offered by FUSE-coding. Through this course, students learn about web development and acquire the necessary skills to become professionals within this field. If you want to know more about this course, please click here. Tareq believes that learning to code and being able to program will help him to find more job opportunities. He feels very grateful to have the opportunity to attend this course completely free of charge.

In his free time, Tareq enjoys cooking, a skill he learned from his mother. He enjoys fusion food specialties with a South-Asian twist, as well as Sushi and Bangladeshi food. He also loves listening to music (his favourite band is One Direction), and reading books.

Today, Tareq considers the Lisbon Project home. He has met new friends from many different cultures in our community dinners, and found out new places in Lisbon through our “Scavenger Hunt”. Tareq belongs here, and we love to be part of his life!

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