Wednesday Workshops – A Holistic Approach To Integration

Wednesday Workshops – A Holistic Approach To Integration

In the Lisbon Project, we believe that integration starts with belonging. More than just being a service provider, we aim to promote a sense of belonging in all we do. And so Wednesday Workshops were born!

In these weekly events opened to all in the community, we combined delicious international dinners with interesting Portuguese language workshops. During these workshops, you can learn the language with games and get to know more about the Portuguese culture. And since every evening there delicious food from all around the world, like Libya, Morocco, Portugal, Angola, Syria, and India, naturally the interest in these evenings was growing every week! 

The concept behind the weekly Portuguese workshops is simple, yet effective: people feel motivated to learn a new language in a fun, informal environment. In such a setting, our community members feel more comfortable to practice their Portuguese skills, by participating in creative exercises and games. Some of those activities included: “sopa de palavras”, listening to “Fado” (traditional Portuguese music) and presentations about the geography of Portugal and the European Union.

Besides giving an opportunity to learn Portuguese in a conversational way, Wednesday workshops also allowed the Lisbon Project community to connect with the Riverside Church community, who also has a workshop on Wednesday evenings. These two communities share the same facilities, and found on Wednesdays this great opportunity to get closer together.

More Wednesday Workshops after the Holidays!

If you are interested to come by and join one of our Wednesday workshops, we are starting again on the 12th of January with weekly classes for 10 weeks. So you have plenty of time to join in!

From January onwards, we will have two different Language workshops: one for beginners and another one those who already have some more knowledge in Portuguese, and that will focus more on conversation.

A word of appreciation:

We want to thank our amazing volunteers Beatriz, Mariana, and Cristina for organizing and holding the Portuguese workshops! Beatriz took over the lead for the classes, and Mariana and Cristina were there to answer individual questions.

And besides our amazing Portuguese teachers, we also want to thank everyone who cooked in these evening, and volunteered to help!

Will you help us reach even more people?

When you support the Lisbon Project, you are empowering a community of 700+ migrants and refugees, helping to build a city that welcomes all, respects all, and empowers all. To learn more and donate, please click the button below:

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